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About Us

We are an integral part of diagnostic medicine-a vital part of a patient’s healthcare journey. We offer wholesome patient-centric quality laboratory Medicine services. All our operations are strictly supervised under a pathologist (M.D.Pathology) expert. We have expertise in various areas of diagnostic and preventive healthcare, which in turn helps physicians figure out why their patients are sick and which treatments will help them feel better.

Our Mision

A  Laboratory test is more than a number; It is a person, an answer, and a diagnosis.

The well-being of our patients is the engine that drives us.

Our patients are our first priority.


Our Quality Assurance

  • RIQAS: Participation in World's largest,  RIQAS (Randox International quality assessment scheme)

  • ISHTM-AIIMS Delhi: Participation in ISHTM-AIIMS Delhi, EQAP.(external quality assurance program)

  • CMC-VELLORE: Participation in CMC-VELLORE External Quality Assurance Scheme

  • Randox - IQC Bi-level Internal Quality control.

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Dr.Paresh Soni is a qualified M.D.(Pathology) Laboratory Medicine Physician passed out from Baroda Medical College, M.S.University, Vadodara from 1991 Postgraduate Batch.

After an enriching exposure of 3 years at Mayo Hospital Vadodara, Started Dr. Soni laboratory in 1996, at Panigate, Vadodara

At DR. Soni Laboratory

You get

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